Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Outfit Inspiration: Casual friday at work

Outfit Inspiration: Casual friday at work

by mareikesch

sweater - Markus Lupfer, 450 $
blazer - River Island, 70 $
boyfriend jeans - Current/Elliott
pumps - J by Jasper Conran, 68 $
tote bag - Zara
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
earstuds - shopthetrendboutique.com
ring - asos
lip gloss - Lord Berry, 6,99 $

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vera Wang SS 2014

The wedding-season is going to start next month, time for a closer look at Vera Wang's new bridal collection for spring 2014!



sources: each huffingtonpost.com

From A-line over Mermaid and straight-line to ball gown - every kind of cut and shape is represented. But Vera Wang kept every gown very simple, not too much junk like ruches or bows. Each dress of this collection wins over by it's classi- and cleanness.
I'm not quite sure, if I like the black long gloves...think, the contrast's too hard and the leather seems too heavy in combination with the soft white and ivory materials...I personally prefer a classic bridal outfit.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It-Accessories Spring/Summer 2013

1. One of THE accessory trends is to wear two cuffs of the same kind, one at each arm.
It doesn't matter if you wear two simple or two bling versions, but the trend color is definitely gold!

sources: each rockinthatbling.com

ASOS/on sale for 16,41 € a pair

ASOS Revive/16,41 € a pair

Kenneth Jay Lane/65,65 € one

ASOS/19,70 € a pair

sources: each asos.de

2. The statement necklace trend lasts and lasts and...

Pharao design/45,96 €

ASOS Premium/36,76 € on sale

Krystal/85,35 €

Pieces Misha/28,89 €

ASOS Spring/32,83 €

sources: each asos.de

Topshop/78,00 €

Topshop/18,00 € on sale

Topshop/65,00 € on sale

Topshop/18,00 € on sale

sources: each topshop.com

3. Metal platter belts are new this season. They mostly come very simple and clean and work with almost everything - dresses, blazer, cardigans...

ASOS/18,38 €
ASOS/19,70 €

ASOS/26,26 €

sources: each asos.de

Topshop/23,00 €

Topshop/23,00 €

sources: each topshop.com

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Demo gegen Tierversuche

Diesen Samstag, den 20. April 2013, findet eine Großdemonstration gegen Tierversuche in Berlin statt.
Der Demozug startet um 12:00 Uhr am Brandenburger Tor und wird am Alexanderplatz in einer Kundgebung enden.

Die Demonstration ist Auftakt einer bundesweiten Aktionswoche vom 20. - 27. April gegen Tierversuche, zu der der Verein "Ärzte gegen Tierversuche" aufgerufen hat.

Weiterhin findet am 24. April eine Podiumsdiskussion in Berlin zum Thema "Forschung - JA - Tierversuche - NEIN" im Urania in der Kleiststr. 13-14 von 19:30 bis 21:00 Uhr statt.

In zahlreichen weiteren Städten finden während der Aktionswoche Infoveranstaltungen und Aktionen statt.

Weitere Infos erhaltet ihr hier: http://www.bmt-tierschutz.de/demo-gegen-tierversuche/


Quelle: bmt-tierschutz.de

Wenn ihr den Bund gegen Missbrauch der Tiere e. V. (kurz bmt) finanziell unterstützen könnt/wollt, erhaltet ihr hier nähere Informationen:

Außerdem sind Tierpatenschaften möglich:

Summer Bags 2013

In addition to the "hyped" trapeze bag by Celiné there are a lot of bag-beautie-opportunities for this summer. You are spoilt for choices!   = )

Like Dolce & Gabbana has shown it first, braided rattan is one of the trend materials for this summer's bags.

wicker bag by Dolce & Gabbana/source: polyvore.com

I found a real bargain at asos.de:
The bag "Cecile" by New Look is yours for just 17,06 EUR.
source: asos.de

When it comes to natural materials, beach bags made of straw come to my mind.
I found a special one at asos, too:
The golden beach bag "Hawaii" costs just the same as the further one, 17,06 EUR.

source: asos.de

'Cause minimalism is the most specious trend this and next season, I want to present you some inspirations, either:

source: asos.de/ASOS 45,96 EUR

source: asos.de/ASOS 52,52 EUR

source: asos.de/Ted Baker 77,72 EUR

source: asos.de/River Island 32,83 EUR

Monday, April 15, 2013

It-Shoes Spring/Summer 2013

This springs/summers trend shoes are classic, pointy pumps in black or white.

1. The higher, the better.
2. The black ones in suede, the white ones in a napless but no-glossy leather.
3. Both with a very thin heel.

This shoes are part of the minimalism trend, that's going to last through summer.


sources: each pinterest.com

A more solid alternative with a wedge heel:

source: instyle.com/ASOS 79,00 $


sources: each pinterest.com

A more solid alternative with a plexiglas heel:

source: instyle.com/Aldo 100,00 $

I found some nice black ones (similar to the first picture) at Deichmann for 40,00 EUR, a real bargain.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kristen Stewart Style

There is something at Kristen Stewart that confuses me.
I'm not quite sure wether I like her style or not.
Sometimes she looks like "Oh my god, she's stunning!", and other times like "Wrrgh...what the...!!??!". (Well, maybe that's just human?!)

When it comes to the Twilight movies, I just feel the same.
I watched them all, but not in a serious way. I always made fun of it and handled it like, you know, trash-tv. But now, that it has ended and there won't be more movies, I'm really sad.
I guess that's the mystery of Twighlight and the reason why it became that successful.

But after all, here are some collected styles of Kristen Stewart I really love.

source: fashionteria.com

source: trendspotters.com

source: marieclaire.co.uk
source: trendmill.com

source: sevenstylish.com

source: celebrity.de
source: posh24.de

source: hji.co.uk